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Our Process

We start the process:

  • By initial assessment to meet up the client and families for us to have a better view of matching between client and the caregiver. To answer the question you may have
  • During the assessment, if the client decided to use our agency or service we will draw a plan of services that the client needs
  • After the assessment, the agency select the right caregiver for the client by matching the personality and the needs of the client
  • In selecting a caregiver, we make sure that the caregiver lives close to the clients home
  • Anytime the client can request caregiver replacement if needs arises
  • The rate depends on the mobility and client needs
  • A contract needs to be done before the services start
  • The agency conduct a supervisory visit every 90 days
  • Evaluation of the services can be done anytime if the client situation changes

We are here to help. Please call us at 630-290-7466.