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Homemaker Services

caregiver preparing meal for her patient

Not having the same strength that you have before when you were younger doesn’t mean that you are really weak. Physical changes, like the weakening of the senior’s body, are a part of life. However, you can still enjoy your life instead of giving up. The reason why we at Advent Home Care Inc. are here to assist you.

Our dependable and responsible caregivers will do some tasks for you. They will be your helping hands while you are living with independence. Some of our homemaking services are Light and Heavy housekeeping, Meal Preparation and Cooking, Laundry and Ironing of belonging, Dusting and Polishing Furniture, and so much more. To know more about what we can provide you, please visit Our Services page.

Our well-trained homemakers are not only skillful of their tasks, but they are also compassionate enough to feel your needs. We make sure that our team is composed of critical thinkers. But we don’t just serve with our mind, we also serve with our heart. So if you have any inquiries, don’t hesitate to talk to us. You can reach us at 630-290-7466. We are looking forward to serving you.